Book of ra furs handy

book of ra furs handy

Wie bereits erwähnt, kann man im App Store und im Play Market Book of Ra kostenlos für das Handy downloaden. Dafür muss man ein bestimmtes Programm. Die Automatenspiele dieses Anbieters, wie z.B. Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Lucky Ladys Charm, Dolphin's Pearl oder Lord of the Ocean sind fast für jeden Spieler. Endlich gibt es Book of Ra auch als App für die Android Smartphones. Zusammen mit Sizzling Hot und weiteren Novoline Spielen. Hier sind mehr Infos.

Badge has a Sword with 29 XI on a banner on it. Star at tip of sword blade. Heavy well made badge. This is a replica badge.

Some staining to the brass. Dark bronze metal, round, On front words, 2nd BN. Detail quite good, several small dings on the outer edge. Case and cloth shows age darkening and some scuff marks on the box.

Brass with Blue enamel, with single screw post with nut. Interesting that gold rank stripe is attached with double sided tape, and not sewn.

Tacky on the back. From the collection of Warren Carroll. Nice brass medal with green enamels. Red case is made by F.

Case is hinged and locks when pressed together. White metal, lug fasteners. Someone has attached green cotton cloth backing to this flash and you will notice that the tail end of the A has been cut off, also a moth hole under the R.

Each with a sterling and enamel RCAF crest in the centre. Two clear 30mm tall, 40mm tall one in red 35mm tall.

Supposedly these hearts are made from actual glass from the aircraft in the shops One has a Wedge Hat, light tan colored enamel, with badge below and one with safety pin fastener and other with lock pin fastener this bronze All small, approx 13mm high.

In white metal, clutch fasteners on the back. Simply push on the ribbons to hold in place. You must use the device fasteners shown below in order for these undress bars to work.

A nice scarcer flash. I would say made up by a Veteran as these where not worn by the Battalion. Well made and hard to find these pieces.

Cast Brass, no lugs remaining. Short side bottom banners. Excellent well made scarce collars. All plated, swing mount on a pin fastener.

I obtained these from the family of T. No way to confirm this but interesting. Dull bronze, lugs, 32mm wide by 22mm high. Would likely date from 's.

White metal with brass overlays. Prince of Wales plumes and letters D G. Pin back with pin catch missing.

Someone has attached green cotton cloth backing to this flash. Nice age toned gold wire. Gold wire padded design. Two piece, both gold plated.

White metal with lug fasteners on the back. I believe these to be post WW2 issue. Cap badge is white metal with lug fasteners.

Flash is red on blue, not worn condition. White metal badge maker stamped Scully on the reverse of the badge.

In very good condition, shows wear and use on the bottom bands. Lugs are replaced WS Heavy cast silver type metal. Bird facing to right.

These red berets worn by veterans from the First Div WW1. A few spots of glue on the back. Two white tassels on front.

Shows use and wear, and stitching is loose in the pouch on the back. White buff strap marked 2 Brass metal, issue, lug fasteners have been replaced years ago, SCULLY maker marked, excellent stamping and condition.

Smylie refers F48c, circa Smylie refers F48c, circa or later. Note the dark red on the 10 MED.

Smylie refers Ff, circa. Cap badge with a slider fastener and red felt backing. Cloth patch has not been worn. Collar badge pair, gold plated metal, clutch pin fasteners.

Chrome plated crossed Kukri's with black painted handles. With four lug fasteners on the reverse. In brass, with lug fasteners.

Shows age darkening but in excellent condition, light gauze backing. Each spool has 50 yards of thread, wound on cardboard.

All show some degree of age but all in excellent condition. White gauze cloth backing. In box of issue. Set consists of a full size, miniature size and ribbon bar.

Each with a fastener on the back. Superbly made, with enameling. Extra piece of mini ribbon included. Yellow thread embroidered on dark green.

Loop on the back, removed. Worn condition with thread holes along edges. Brass metal, loop fastener.

Bi metal, with lug fasteners. Shows heavy wear to high points. Brass with loop on the back. Cap in white metal. Original lug fasteners on the reverse.

Both raised smooth outer border. Off white colour with blue regimental crest. On back Manufactured For A. Brass, with loop on the end.

With slider fastener on the back. All with ribbons, with WW1 ones showing age dulling. As these came together I can only assume that they are Father and Son.

Used on the Naval Gun QF 6 pdr 10 cwt. In use from the ''s in single and twin mounts. Stamped with naval anchor.

Cast Silver metal, showing age toning. The crest design shown usually has the top banner with 62 AMXS on it, not sure why this one doesn't.

Silver or heavy silver plate. Beaver facing to left. Heavy well made collar with heavy age darkening but will clean up nicely.

Numbers 66 as an overlay. With Pin backing Original to badge. Mazeas Pre '14 refers, MM With loop on the reverse. Appears not worn, edges rough.

Heavy Gold Plated, with a pin back fastener replacing the screw post fasteners. Could have been done up as a Sweetheart also. Nice high quality badge and only shows slight age toning.

Black coated bronze metal. Small decal of the United Nations. Shows slight age dulling but still nice. These are in the likeness of the Pre issue worn by the 79th Camerons.

Lion facing to left. These Scully made badges in this metal where made in the early 's. Badge is white metal, chain appears silver but no hall marks.

Lugs removed from badge. Loop on the back, replace loop. Brass metal, cut down slider fastener. Nice two piece design.

Sterling stamps on the reverse: N B anchor, lion, letter C. I think dating it era. Shows use, but has no cracks, chips or crazing.

I'm not sure to which country this beautiful badge belongs. A nice age toned Gold wire, two piece design. With gold 8 3 in center. Wire is lose in centre as picture shows.

With pin fastener but with pin missing,catch and post remaining, easy to replace pin. Other not Sterling mark but is Silver and has flat Ellis type lugs.

Excellent matched pair and in excellent condition. Collars with clutch pin fasteners. Collars are Officers Grade.

Worn but in great condition. Age dulled Frosted Silver overlay on the right side of the overlay a gouge, dent, on the outer edge, not sure what would have caused this on dull Gilt base.

Screw post fasteners with nuts. Nice heavy collar in excellent condition except for the gouge mentioned. Cap Badge is white metal base with brass overlay, slider fastener.

Collars are a brass overlay on white metal base with lug fasteners. White metal with brass overlay. One lug replaced using enough solder to do several badges: Maker stamped Sovereign Canada Vitrified.

In brass with lug fasteners on the back. Flash has not been worn. Nice age toned gold wire thread. Hard to make out the wording. Top flash, 9 GP.

Shows age and staining but patches excellent. On back in black ink, Gnr. One Kings Crown 17mm wide Gaunt. One Queens Crown 20mm wide Scully maker stamped.

Smylie refers F91b A Water dragon design in white metal. Lugs on the reverse. A book that looks new but has been read. Cover has no visible wear, and the dust jacket is included hard covers.

May be very minimal identifying marks on the inside cover. Very minimal wear and tear. Black and white pictures. Previous owners name tag inside front cover.

Royal Canadian Regiment With blue embossing on cover. Showing wear to page cover and some tearing on bottom corner. Some water damage to pages.

With yellow embossing on cover. Most have his name written or stamped in each. For those who are not familiar with Doug, below is a short biography on him.

Shipping of multiple books can be quite costly as Canada Post does not have a "book rate". A flat fee has been listed for each title, be advised that I will refund any overage on postage upon completion of payment.

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Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing. A Note on Paypal A Note on Paypal A Note on Paypal For those placing orders, there seems to be a current glitch with the website sending the transaction information to paypal.

A Note on Paypal For those placing orders, there seems to be a current glitch with the website sending the transaction information to paypal.

Sterling Silver marked, J. Kings Crown over A. Shows age darkening but very nice. Shows some age dulling and slight stains. The Interesting part of the arm band is the notation in black on the back, "G.

Also the reference to the Women's Ambulance Corps quite rare. Dull silver coated Kings Crown, with red enamel in it looks like small chip right side of the red over shield with A.

On the front of shield, Crown design, with dots on either side, over A. On the back a pin fastener, number stamped on it.

On the front of shield, A. Kings Crown over shield with A. Air Raid Precautions, members badge. Sterling Silver marked, 04 grams.

Shows age darkening but excellent condition. Not worn condition, stiff. These commonly used by police forces.

Fork "pea" still in the Thunderer. Adams County Colorado Sheriff's Dept. Additional Pictures - Gagnon Mess Dress. Breadner stamped on back.

Breadner '82 maker stamped. From the Collection of Warren Carroll. Administration Branch Cap Badge Brass with enamels. Administration Branch Cloth Badge Padded.

Administration Branch Combat Boonie Badge 2nd issue, plastic backing. Absorbed into the Logistics Branch. Administration Human Resources Military: Brass badge with coloured enamels.

Overlay of griffin holding flame. Clutch pin fasteners on back. WM Scully marked. White metal, with lug fasteners. One missing from collar.

Aerobatics Canada Flash Nice older flash. Replaced ribbon backed with cardboard. Africa Star - mini Miniature. African Police Shoulder Patch: South African Police Constable.

Rope outer border, raised smooth outer border. Maker, Lewless I think part of letters erased Liverpool.

Interesting piece of postal history. Used, was sewn on with treads remaining. White gauze type cloth backing. Number in black ink on back.

Sea Cadet Ships Crest Patch. Very good condition, mint. Air Cadet Pilots Wing Black melton trim. Air Cadet Pilots Wing Blue trim.

Air Cadet Pilots Wing Green trim. Nice flocking on crest. Stitched onto red felt backing. Polishing wear to bird.

Brass, with lug fasteners. Air Cadets of Canada Cap Badge 's issue. Bright Brass, with a slider fastener.

Maker stamped and dated Air Cadets of Canada Cap Badge. Air Command Badge Blue enamel on brass badge, brass overlay.

Air Command Badge Variation1. Air Command Badge Variation2. Air Crew Europe Star - mini Miniature. Air Defence Command Badge Clutch pin fastener, one remaining.

Air Force Cross Medal Full size. Air Force Medal Full Size, replica. Two pieces, glued to paper backing. Brass with enamels, slider fastener.

Air Transport Command Badge Variation 1. Air Transport Command Badge Variation 2. Air Transport Command Badge Variation 3.

Clutch pin fasteners on the back. Mini Size worn on Mess Dress. Portugal 2nd Series Para Wing Airborne: Portugal 2nd Series Para Wing.

A bi metal wing. Portugal 3rd Series Para Wing Airborne: Portugal 3rd Series Para Wing. Portugal Mociadade Portuguesa Wing 1 Airborne: Portugal Mociadade Portuguesa Wing 1.

Fasteners removed from the back. Portugal Reservist Wing Airborne: Alabama Marine Police Badge Cap badge. Chromed white metal with enameled seal.

Screw post fastener with pin. Birmingham Police Shoulder Patch Alabama: Birmingham Police Shoulder Patch. City of Dothan Police Shoulder Patch.

New condition, but felt remaining from previous display. Huntsville Police Shoulder Patch Alabama: Huntsville Police Shoulder Patch.

Montgomery Correctional Officer Shoulder Patch. Montgomery Police Shoulder Patch Alabama: Montgomery Police Shoulder Patch. Trooper Police Shoulder Patch Alabama: Trooper Police Shoulder Patch.

Alaska Police Shoulder Patch: With likeness of German Shepherd dog. Alaska State Troopers Shoulder Patch. Savoonga Police Shoulder Patch Alaska: Savoonga Police Shoulder Patch.

State Troopers Police Shoulder Patch. Pin with locking catch. White gauze type backing. Photograph of Officer wearing the patch.

Colored enamel on gold, 16mm wide by 12mm, pin back. Letters C D with colored Provincial Shield. Maker marked is what looks like Bull Horns with a Pine tree inside them.

Excellent enamel on brass. Pin back with locking catch. Makers stamp on the back. With pin on back of ribbon. Two badges, dull gold colored thin tin metal, with white showing on some high spots.

I would say for use in Wallet as no fasteners on either. Never seen these before. Shows some slight wear but still nice. Gilt brass with enamels.

One pin fastener on the back. Alberta Leduc Rescue Shoulder Patch. White metal with enamels. Snap fastener on the back. Hand engraved Silver plate.

Shiny light gold anodized plastic. Each with loop on the back. Silver plate, nice age toning. In white metal with lug fasteners on the back.

In white metal with loop fastener on the back. Cap with screw post fasteners, collars are pin back. This Force was formed and was eliminated These badges are the Shield shape Provincial Crest, colored enamel, with screw post fastener with nut.

I feel that these might be Collar badges or some ID badges of type. They came with the 2 Cap badges entered this date so I am assuming they are for the Highway Patrol.

Chromed white metal with black lettering. Screw post with clutch pin fasteners on the back. Lethbridge Fire Department Shoulder Patch. Brass with blackened letters.

Some scrathces to face, and waer to lettering. Screw post fastener on the back. Alberta Correctional Services Shoulder Flash.

New Condition, not worn. Special Constable Cap Badge Alberta: Special Constable Cap Badge. Brass badge with black lettering.

White metal coated brass with black lettering. Finish coming off under Beaumont. Pebbled gilt brass, with blue enamel overlay. Pin missing from reverse.

Brass metal with blue enamels. Fastener pin removed from the back. Calgary Police Service Cap Badge. Makers stamped on the back. Chromed white metal, with lug fasteners.

Red thread with Gold and Silver mylar city crest. Calgary Police Shoulder Patch Alberta: Calgary Police Shoulder Patch.

Red trim, White lettering. Green trim, Gold lettering. White trim, White lettering. Canmore Constable Police Cap Badge. City of Camrose Cap Badge Alberta: City of Camrose Cap Badge.

Cap with screw post fasteners. Blue and red enamel on bright brass. City of Camrose Police Cap Badge. Bright brass badge with enamels.

City of Camrose Police Shoulder Patch. Old style, removed from uniform. White metal with screw post fasteners on the back. Bottom of badge is rough where attached Officer rank was at 1 time.

White metal with snap on the back. Older style, in good condition. Coaldale Police Shoulder Patch Alberta: Coaldale Police Shoulder Patch.

Older style, but stilll in very good condition. New un worn issue. White metal badge with blue lettering. Used Condition, thread holes along edge, crisp.

County of Parkland No. Worn condition, but no rips or tears. County of Parkland Police Shoulder Patch.

Made of bright bradd, with black lettering. Crownest Pass seal in centre. Drayton Valley Police Shoulder Patch. A nice older patch, gently used condition.

Edmonton Police Dept Cap Badge. Obsolete style of badge worn. White metal with blue enamels. Screw post fasteners on the back, along with snap.

Edmonton Police Dept Wallet Badge. Affixed to back by screw post fasteners. Bright brass with blue enamels. Edmonton Police Shoulder Flash.

Brass badge with enamels. Button nub for placement in wallet. Edmonton Police Shoulder Flash Alberta: Edmonton Police Shoulder Patch Alberta: Edmonton Police Shoulder Patch.

Blue thread on black. Longview Station 1 Shoulder Patch Alberta: Longview Station 1 Shoulder Patch. Priddis Station 6 Shoulder Patch Alberta: Priddis Station 6 Shoulder Patch.

Fort Saskatchewan Emergency Response Crew. White metal with red and blue enamels. Hinton Police Shoulder Patch Alberta: Hinton Police Shoulder Patch.

New condition, Jensen sticker on the back. Worn condition, loose thread. Black trim, white lettering Control WS Lethbridge Police Cap Badge Alberta: Lethbridge Police Cap Badge.

White metal with blue lettering. Screw pin fastener with locking catch on the back. Lethbridge Police Collar Badge Pair. White metal with blue enamel.

One collar has an enamel chip. Both with screw post fasteners. Black trim, White lettering. White metal badge, with 2 remaining pin fasteners on the back.

Motor Transport Services Shoulder Patch. Brass with blue enamel. William Scully maker stamped. Nanton Fire Department Shoulder Patch.

A new patch, unissued condition. Gold mylar with red, white thread on black. Quite an attractive patch.

Parkland Constable Police Shoulder Patch. Cap with screw post fasteners repaired , collars are lugged back. Parkland County Patrol Cap Badge. Cap with screw post fasteners removed , clutch pin in place at top of reverse.

Maker stamped near the bottom. White metal badge with blue and white enamels. Screw post fastener with pin fastener on back. Brass metal with black lettering.

Ponoka Municipal Police Shoulder Patch. Rimbey Police Shoulder Patch Alberta: Rimbey Police Shoulder Patch. White metal with enamels, two piece construction.

Saddle Lake Police Shoulder Patch. New not worn condition. Seba Beach Police Cap Badge. White metal badge with black lettering.

Sexsmith Police Cap Badge Alberta: Sexsmith Police Cap Badge. Pin fasteners on the back. Town of Hinton Police Shoulder Patch. Used Condition, thread holes along edge, floppy.

Town of Lacombe Police Cap Badge. Gilt with enamels, some surface scratches to enameling. Double clutch pin fastener on the back.

Town of Morinville Cap Badge Alberta: Town of Morinville Cap Badge. White metal badge with blue enamels. Pin back with locaking catch.

Makers tag still on the back. Town of Sexsmith Breast Badge, numbered Alberta: Town of Sexsmith Breast Badge, numbered. Chrome badge with black enamel.

Town of Sundre Police Shoulder Patch. Usedcondition, a bit dirty along edges. Constable is etched into badge. Transport Officer Infrastructure Shoulder Patch.

Transportation Alberta Patch Alberta: Transportation Alberta Shoulder Patch. Transportation Branch Patch Alberta: Worn on Caps and work wear.

Attached centre circle disk centre. Screw post fastener and single stick pin removed. White metal badge with slider fastener on the back.

White metal badge with slider fastener removed and lugs now present. Algonquin Regiment Cap Badge design, white metal, lug fasteners, Very nice stamping and condition.

Cap Badge, white metal, with a slider fastener. Collars are a matched pair, canoes facing, lug fasteners, White metal with loop on the back.

H, Alberta Light Horse, shoulder title. A recently struck medal. Full size with pin on back. In green hinged box of issue with P. Enamel on age toned silver metal.

Likely WW2 era, or employee's of the plant. Enamel on brass, pin back with locking catch. Chromed metal with colouring.

Patch - "The Joker". American Cap Badge Brass coated pewter. Screw post fastener, WS American Cap Badge Brass metal. A nice little pin put out by the ACF.

Pin back with a locking catch. American Eagle Team N. Weapon Accuracy Test Team. American Gulf War U. Shield shape, with a centre circle design with words American Legion Auxiliary and a 5 points Star centre.

American Navy Seals Badge Bright brass metal. Stamped V 21 N WS American Pathfinders Badge Bright brass metal, with red and white enamel.

United States of America. Federal Republic of Germany. Coast Guard Station Galveston Tx. American Webfooted Warriors U.

Patch American Webfooted Warriors U. Brass badge with enameling. One screw post fastener remaining. Approx 5" by 4". An Announcement on Shipping Due to the impending strike by Canada Post May 25th , we will be in contact with all buyers to discuss alternative shipping methods.

This may include Fedex, Greyhound, or for our International Customers, I will be happy to make weekly trips across the US border to mail packages if necessary.

I are also willing to hold packages until the the strike is over if you wish! An Announcement on Shipping Due to the impending strike by Canada Post June 3rd , we will be in contact with all buyers to discuss alternative shipping methods.

We are also willing to hold packages until the the strike is over if you wish! Andorra Flag Andorra Flag. In very good condition.

Vintage - not newly made. Antigua Flag Antigua Flag. Stamped in silver metal, well detailed. Not sure what era. Maple Leaf over Wings over A. Part of the Commonwealth Air Training Program.

Pin back fastener has been replaced with a circle disk with two Clutch pin fasteners on it. Well made older badge. Steel handcuff's marked, PAT.

Stamped on one of the cuffs, A. Fully operable and quite Rare to find these marked pieces. New, not worn condition.

Argentina Police Shoulder Patch: Policia de Misiones - Permanente Vocacion de Servicio. Policia Provincial Terra del Fuego.

Argentine Flag Argentine Flag. The current issue is bursting with ingenious and lively writing. Excellent writing of the highest quality, full of bite.

The magazine is printable as pdfs. Some highlights for me are Gertrude Stein's two psychological papers, produced when she was working with William James one jointly with her brother Leo , an essay by David Rosenberg on poetic integrity, contemporary Taiwanese and Eritrean poetry, translations from Latin American modernism by Tony Frazer, delightful little rants by Kent Johnson, some Catullus, some Rob Stanton.

Current issue with masses and masses on David Jones. To use an advertising phrase, good stuff. The "for godot" project got involved in controversy when they published online Issue 1 now separately hosted, and be careful — this is a huge download!

A poem each of computer-generated text. Some people got very angry hell hath no fury like an outraged avant-gardist whose branding is subverted.

You are doing only good things. Currently featuring a fine piece on Nicholas Moore by Martin Sorrell, pieces on post-modernism, an essay on The Philokalia , and also the start of what will be regular Poetic Notes by Peter Riley: What, after all, do we ask of this privileged activity but that it furnish some grounds for hope in the condition of the world, for which we need to know the possible varieties of experience, and which can only stand on this scale of recognition.

I hope to examine these issues further in The Fortnightly Review by attention to particular publications, personalities and events in the poetry world.

Half magazine, half collaborative art project, Fuselit is a London-based journal of poetry, short fiction, art and sounds.

The contents of every issue are dictated by a spur word, with contributions supplied by an international array of writers and artists, both new and established.

Was a beautifully crafted little magazine, now also available in all sorts of digital editions. Current issue on Berlin including Alistair Noon.

Glossator publishes original commentaries, editions and translations of commentaries, and essays and articles relating to the theory and history of commentary, glossing, and marginalia catena, commentum, gemara, glossa, hypomnema, midrash, peser, pingdian, scholia, tafsir, talkhis, tika, vritti, zend, zhangju, et al.

The journal aims to encourage the practice of commentary as a creative form of intellectual work and to provide a forum for dialogue and reflection on the past, present, and future of this ancient genre of writing.

By aligning itself, not with any particular discipline, but with a particular mode of production, Glossator gives expression to the fact that praxis founds theory.

Her poetry, and that of Kerrie Orton, make it very worthwhile. Most recent issue contains some interesting poems by two British poets unfamiliar to me, Peter Cater and David McLean.

As I keep writing — check out the back issues. Dougla Messerli now has a Green Integer blog , with interesting and eclectic reviews.

The site uses Scribd , so it operates like a cloud-hosted version of Acrobat. And all the other back issues, while you're at it.

There is no denying that the poetic agendas of the British Poetry Revival, Movement poets, and their respective sons and daughters are so essentially opposed, both aesthetically and ideologically, as to make a mutual treaty a barmy idea resulting in dilution on both sides.

They do their best to supply this information, though, with this magazine out of Oxford, though confess sympathies perhaps with the phrase primarily devoted to the promotion of innovative and experimental verse.

It still covers a very wide range, with past issues availabel as pdfs. There is also a blog. Summer , edited and organised as a reading by James Wilkes, with a beautiful florilegium of poets.

All texts on the site, and lost of videos thank you, Steve Fowler. A good collection of contemporary poetry by mainly younger, London-based poets.

Editor is Katy Evans-Bush, with a quite eclectic but not always demanding mixture, eg in latest issue Michael Horovitz on Blake yes, he likes him , three literaryish blokes on menswear, and poems by Carrie Etter, Alistair Noon, Ira Lightman, Tom Bell.

Susana Gardner and Dusie Books". A very well designed site, which gives a great deal of context for these poets' work.

Regrettably, on Google Documents. Well done, Andrew Spragg. Intercapillary Space is a continually unrolling magazine.

You will find book reviews, poems, essays and capsules. The magazine is curated and largely edited by Edmund Hardy , with as contributors virtually everyone with something interesting to say about contemporary British poetry, on a varied range of topics.

From strength to strength! Now a book publisher both as Intercapillary Editions and as Capsule Editions , poetic event organiser too: Intercapillary Places , and record label Tusk Records: Marianne Morris's Solace Poem is highly enjoyable.

The times they are a-changing again it seems. Same mixture of crap, fakery, madness, independence and genius as before. So, bloody look at it!

In terms of poetry: A recent issue was dedicated to Bill Griffiths. It's where the parameters of the Beat Generation are redefined and expanded to embrace a creative movement that goes beyond personality wedged in temporal categories and public relations concepts they said, and they did.

Current issue on ecology. Jacket2 offers commentary on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. We publish articles, reviews, interviews, discussions and collaborative responses, archival documents, podcasts, and descriptions of poetry symposia and projects.

We also publish discursive explorations and transcripts of material in the PennSound archive. Features in Jacket2 present a wide range of materials about and responses to the work of a single poet or group, and might include reissued or original poems.

Jacket2 is also committed to preserving a full, searchable archive of Jacket Magazine issues 1—40, published between and by John Tranter, a database of more than a thousand pieces of criticism on contemporary poetry in addition to more than a thousand original works by poets from around the world.

Currently featured are 'Fifty-one contemporary poets from Australia' and 'Look and look again; Twelve New Zealand poets'.

There seems less UK input or interest under the new regime, amongst whose huge archive, recommended are Jeffrey Side's quite astounding essay linking formal devices with reader-response theory, Empirical and Non-Empirical Identifiers , Laurie Duggan, On Gael Turnbull's Collected Poems: London in the s.

On the other hand, you can discover the joys of flarf in the Jacket Flarf feature. His amused and civilised vision lives on in this site — pursue the "musings" to get the full range.

Try Literature Nation with Hyperpoesy — they comment on each other, imagining the possibility of a language-world that cleaves closely to geological and botanical landscapes we inhabit with as much passion as we do the languescape of poesy.

We declare a bias in favour of the exploratory, the reactive, the immediate, what one might call a spirit of unprepossession, as against reflections in tranquility on carefully packaged residues of experience.

By means of essays, reviews, improvisations, anecdotes, eruptions, interviews, manifestoes and the like, Junction Box will attempt to get under the skin of a small portion of the cultural universe, to reveal the swarming inter-cellular activities that make it glow.

David Miller's small press is now happily back on-line, with a site allowing access to many of its beautiful little cards and pamphlets.

Very interesting is W Other series of publications will be added. This site includes a federation of genre, subject, and author home page, as well as smaller surveys and individual poems.

It should give a rough sketch of some of the possibilities of late 20th-early 21st Century poetry from a number of different points of view and means of presentation.

This is an anthology rather than a zine, and an anthology dedicated to alternative means of presentation as well as pluralistic forms and subjects.

It includes over 60 complete books, new and reprinted. It is a near inexhaustible source. Worth keeping an eye on, and well done to Kit Toda and all.

It has many books available for free on Issuu , including eds. British Poetry , ed. All good things especially VLAK!

Tracee Coleman's engaging site gives a range of poets, including Peter Howard, Lisa Zaran and others. Hours of fun that will just massage the language centres!.

Brian Lewis's small press Poetry from the Edgelands has an elegant and useful site with poems by its authors on it.

It is a part of the large AHA! An on-line and soon to be print publication dealing with the best in typography and poetry.

A fine tumblr blog out of Liverpool interested in visual and concretish poetry. Our hope was that this direct and primary response-led work would open up discussion and offer productive cross-discipline exchange.

We provided a performative academic forum: We hoped participants would see how text functions in different practice-based disciplines and how to contextualise different notions of textuality.

Text was indeed made and unmade very satisfactorily by a range of interesting people. Poems and Poets — an anthology edited by Andrew Burke and Candice Ward of writing from mmbers of this well-established poetry listserv, with an interesting historical introduction by Alison.

The range of contributors is very wide: The anthology is edited by James Stuart and published by non-generic productions.

It features the work of some 28 Australian poets, artists and critics, all of whom are engaged with poetry, and more broadly language, as a material form.

The non-generic site also led me to The Homeless Gods , a site largely authored by James Stuart, which is an interactive poem-world, based on mythology initially Sumerian.

I hope you enjoy both of these excellent creations! It's like an allegory of the post-avant poetry world, you know—a world, alas, that's been taken over by young Jacobins whose visions and certainties are both beautiful and horrifying.

Their minds are ablaze, and blood courses, gloriously, in the gutters. Meshworks is a site dedicated to documenting and preserving video and sound recordings of writing in performance.

Meshworks is on the Miami University site no, not Florida, Oxford — Ohio; base of Keith Tuma, and thus of the study and encouragement of contemporary British and Irish writing.

Gawd bless you, guv! Site also hosts the Oxford Magazine. Ocho is more soberly text-based. Both are available in paper.

Both online I find a little irritating — Goss uses the Issuu site to give a faux page-turning experience: But on the other hand it is excellent to see such care in the presentation of poetry, especially with MIPOesias doing this in a magazine trade mainstream way.

There is also Did memendewz' blog, Didi's posterous It's a hell of a lot! Superbly done despite my purist quibble , though the poetry is not as risky and innovative as this astonishingly bold and successful business model!

This issue of an absolutely vital magazine: Tracing the impact of financialised and looted social existence from the micropolitics of student debt and lifelong labour, via the reign of fictitious capital, to the geopolitics of US militarism and reactionary anti-imperialism, this issue asks us to reimagine crisis as a political question with an open outcome: Are we about to pick up the tab for the financial elite's decades long free lunch?

And if total monetary collapse is a way off, is this because the social crisis and repression we already face are deepening? Whose crisis is it anyway, and if it comes, who is going to come out on top?

Read the poems in their context — they work superbly! It is the only worthwhile political publication in the UK. Could be found a little winsome; but Poetry Editor is Anna McKerrow, so with some interesting material.

Michael Jacobson's weblog "explores asemic writing in relation to post-literate culture. We'll leave a poem out for you.

A curiously attractive site. What do you get when two housewives produce an online poetry journal? It's varied, often sexy: You can download from the site poets against the war , Poems for Lord Hutton , and other free and controversial collections of topical poems.

Poetry section now includes the Reilluminations series by Steven Fowler, reconsidering unjustly overlooked European poets, with an essay by him and poems translated — including Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven , a major actor within New York Dada.

A really very fine ezine, with a lot of visual material, including in most recent issue, SJ Fowler, Sheila E. It records both a constant, and a quite specific American literary tradition — and a necessity for the health of writing.

A blogzine of investigative, exploratory, avant-garde, innovative poetry and poetics edited by Robert Sheppard is a superb blog. The previous series of posts, focused on answering the question What have been the most significant developments in the alternative British and Irish Poetries however you define those over the last 7 years?

This is an excellent little ezine, edited by Jim Goar out of Norwich, with a wide coverage of good poetry. Some innovative poetry and prose of Ireland and Britain , edited by Marcus Slease and Jim Goar was an interesting selection.

This is writing with a direct line to the beginnings of British alternative poetry, with Alexis Lykiard, Gael Turnbull and the wonderful Jim Burns featured, and as well as poems, material on modernism and politics.

A lot of very interesting material and much good archive material, eg interviews with and poems by Chris McCabe, Andrew Duncan and George Bowering.

Original site now seems static, with newer material on Adam Fieled: He also ran a more personal blog, Stoning the Devil: I like this from a post that seems curiously to have been rewritten.

Jerome McGann and the Ideological Challenge: I turn 33 this Saturday; I still officially have seven years of young poet-ness to look forward to; what are my ideological assumptions?

I am a member of several loose groups of poets. I can say this: Implicit in this plural formulation is a critique of Lang-Po that I will not deny.

Our basis is a putting back in of what Lang-Po took out. Yet our ideological assumptions have not been formalized; that particular challenge is still ahead of us.

Damned right, young man! A long-winded explanation — but it's well worth it. Completed work to date put by The Red Ceilings on Issu. Guest contributors to date: Keep an eye on this!

Set up by Sebastian Hayes, this new venture looks interesting, with a blog website with a lot of material and examples on on poetry translation from European languages , and regular events also.

And yet of course you are partisan. As a reader, as an editor who is a certain kind of reader, maybe not Ideal-ised, but certainly an attentive one , you do want certain things from the poems and the critical reception of those poems you come across.

I am, for example, somewhat uncomfortable with cults and the status of effective unreadability they confer on their objects. I've an appetite for the collisions, rather than collusions, of international writing: In a Britain where even the arts establishment can look shifty when it comes to poetry, where access to contemporary poets in libraries and on syllabuses is increasingly rationed, Poetry Review — whose readers and subscribers include not only individuals with absolute poetic commitment but those for whom it's their only contact with what's going on — has a robustly colourful role to play in presenting the best of poetry today, in cajoling poets into particular forms of writing, and in nursing contemporary poetry-critical discourse.

There may be easier jobs. Few offer such peculiarly sweet rewards. Her blog NarcissusWorks provides an interesting commentary on the site.

The site has been revived and remade, with current isue centered on Introduction: PDH-Recs is a tenement industry releasing LPs and an ongoing series of compilations documenting the borderless constellations that make up the UK underground.

There are also occasional Psykick Dancehalls in the real. Our arms are always open. Let me explain — interfacing via performance between music and both poetry and art.

A lot of interesting documents, ie their magazine Dancehall , hosted on issuu. Glasgow-based, though the name Ben Watson often crops up, and Lawrence Upton was involved in Dancehall 4 Scan Chant , concerned with creative use of the photocopier — gorgeous fun.

This is a really fresh and lively ezine in blog format, with a high quality of contributions and a sense of a collective life in it.

Unreadable colour on black colour-scheme; but you can't have everything. This contains secondary material. It covers a wide range of responses, from the obviously academic to others that relate more to the writing of poetry, and is worth a lot of attention.

Interesting recent pieces are Lawrence Upton on Non-determinist responses , which is an excellent introduction to Writers Forum poetics, and Harry Godwin's 4 Experiments in Deconstruction response to Johan de Wit's Statements.

We particularly like political, social and polemical poetry. We wish to promote non-conformist work, in other words, that which does not submit to the ease of contemporary trend.

Plus prose and much else. The most recent issue is dedicated to the memory of Alaric Sumner. But unfortunately nothing seems to have happened to the site since I first encountered it.

This is a very enjoyable site — heroic though it is to attempt to present the epic, short texts work best online. The issue of short poems illustrates this well.

There are chapbooks online as well, and the whole thing can be printed off too from pdf files. Try too the editor Dale Wisely 's note , applying "statistically improbable phrases" to major Holy Books.

Strong writing from outside the usual oh so predictable boxes. Fall on this and feed greedily! This has some very neat micro-fiction pieces, prose that works well online.

Very, very neat, is that you can shift the layout style of the pages to a number of choices. There is a very useful News section, with bulletin boards.

Plus Salt Magazine edited by John Kinsella. And doubleplus, a useful and informative blog , and an online magazine, Horizon Review , with a wide range of poets represented another opening by Salt to more mainstream currents, but still worthwhilish.

SciFi haiku, and indeed other similar forms eg tanka, haibun and joined scifaiku. Primarily interested in the theory and interpretation of filmscripts and teleplays, SCRIPT nevertheless recognizes that these literary artifacts exist in a hinterland populated by other abject textual forms.

To challenge the alterity of such texts, we also cultivate close readings of, and critical investigations into, code arrays, asemic writing, graffiti, tattoos, and other marginal ized scripted expressions.

A curious and rich mix ensures. Ian Seed's e-zine is a very classy and consistent production, with work from a wide range of poets and some informative and engaged reviews.

Professionally regular in meeting its deadline unlike me! Pamper yourself with it. A Body of Work A useful and glorious site.

And the publisher now in English of Vallejo and Pessoa. There is a heavy, but very useful and well-considered, emphasis on Language and post-Language poetics: And, of course, focus on Brazilian and Portuguese literature, and in politics and culture.

This should be a widely read site. An earlier interview with Andrew Duncan I find some Cambridge poetry utterly obscure.

There is this social background of a very strict power hierarchy based on intelligence rankings set by competitive tests.

The poem works as one of these tests. It does not matter if no-one understands your poem because that means you've won!

A lot of good material here now. A nice, big, very New Yorky ezine. Welcome to Aristotelian bastardization, a Derrida slum, and anon sense.

Sous Rature features work of erasure, inadequacy, and otherwise. Also, images and art. This is a necessary endeavor.

This is a new little ezine from Leeds, now with a lively poetry scene. Its taste is original. Featuring poets, flash fiction writers, authors, musicians, and artists — we aim to bring you the finest in Brutalist writing from across the globe.

None of the names are familiar to me, but this blogzine is pretty funky. The Brutalists seem mired in unoriginal knee-jerk jerk-off post-punk self-publicity; but straightfromthefridge is worth your detailed perusal, and gives indications of yet another nexus of would-be alternative poets who are so hard and real!

And in limited hand-made art editions too! Current issue of Billy Cancel, J. Tom Chivers, Stress Fractures: Essays on Poetry ; ed.

Full of good things; reviews particularly to be recommended. You can also access a range of other blogs produced by Jim L, of which the most active are: In particular, it seeks to reconcile a close attention to the technical aspects of verse art with these wider questions for thinking, broadly conceived.

As well as publishing essays by literary critics, it posts recordings of poets discussing and reading the works of other poets. The use of the word "verse" tends to induce projectile vomiting in me.

Despite the poisonously prissy academicism such language indicates, this is potentially fascinating and serious. The press also produces books and chapbooks of poetry and experimental prose.

We publish poems and very short prose in two formats: An Introduction, Part 1. Current issue on the language of flowers is haunting and intriguing, worth investigating but has been around a long time!

Trickhouse is a quarterly curatorial project. Our mission is to serve as an environment for visual art, writing, sound, video, interviews, essays, and experiments.

We are interested in the generative nature of collaboration, the notion that temporary venues can suggest intriguing strategies for engagement and community, the proximity of medium and genre, the possibilities within given venues site-specific work , and the unformed and the raw; the polished and the pristine.

And it's really good, in both design and construction, and the varied and complex contents. A vast wealth of non-writing-based texts: And all the found material.

And the downloadable e-books including Peter Manson, Adjunct: And the Philip Guston drawings. And the Gertrude Stein plays. And the Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter plays.

And the ethnopoetics section curated by Jerome Rothenberg. And 40 Years of Polish Experimental Radio.

Lots of Fluxus material. Oh and John Berger's Ways of Seeing. This is the actual mainstream of culture: And the original, Dada magazine. And some Bern Porter too.

Ian Hamilton Finlay's Poor. Don't forget to check out the Publishing the Unpublishable series before you go! This is a very exciting and eclectic site, both eclectic and purposeful.

Can I quote their piece on poetry submissions: We assume a base level of writing skill. We do not assume you know how to spell, but we assume you know how to work a spellchecker.

If you do not, be braced for a nasty note and a really firm pinch. We assume a basic familiarity with the rules of English grammar, but are very open to grammatical experimentation.

We are not, however, interested in poets who are simply ignorant of how to use an exclamation point. On the other hand, the idea that all ellipses must have exactly three periods is a fascist rumor put out by Strom Thurmond's evil stepmother.

Given that base level of writing skill, we are interested in the socially relevant and the radically experimental. We are only interested in those poetic works that comment on society in some way.

However, we believe that art which greatly pushes the boundaries of form or content inherently comments on society since we believe, however naively, that art and society are linked.

We have read an enormous amount of poetry in a wide variety of genres. What do you have, either in form or content, that we've never seen?

I'd buy all of that, too. The successor to Unlikely Stories. It owes its name and mission to the genre of mosaic called the asarotos oikos, or unswept floor.

The journal seeks to present texts that talk to, about, or behind the backs of other texts; praising or unpraising texts; texts that transform, renovate, reiterate, or pointedly ignore.

We have a strong preference for experimental, avant-garde, and post modern poetry, art, and audio. This blogzine edited by Matina L. Bennett and Geoffrey D.

These are both excellent introductions to the work of this Dada-inspired American post-Language avant-garde. Vispo Langu im age: Dedicated to life, poetry, and the ABCs of a new art.

Amazingly entertaining and fun — a lot of e-literature is very po-faced. This site is delightfully and totally creative.

A literary shoot-em-up computer game—the battle of poetry against itself and the forces of dullness.

As well as teaching bookmaking and making our own experimental books we collaboratively curate a yearly international and experimental artists' book exhibition.

This is open to all. Our exhibitions are 'not for profit' — we do them because we love books. The site is full of jpegs of the books, plus details of the exhibitions.

Plus excerpts from Geraldine and Alan's work including sound files and images. Plus an extensive second hand catalogue specialising in modernist poetry from small presses.

This is a good place to visit. There was no one idea for this journal, it emerged in the doing, in the conversations we had along the way.

Partly, we wanted to make something that could document the merging and shifting modalities of poetic practice. Who is making poetry and how?

In this way we saw the internet as a way of allowing for a range of media possibilites in one place, in addition to being cheap and accessible.

Or sound like one. Built slowly, tinkered with. Beautiful Australian ezine with intriguing work upon it, textual and multimedia. It is a special feature on and takes its name from the work of Sydney poet and vocal artist, Amanda Stewart, presenting a selection of her work from the last twenty years.

Second "Collection" focuses on investigating translation in interesting and fruitful ways. Material also from projects based on the PoetryEtc listserv.

Cross Cultural Poetics , "a biannual interdisciplinary journal of poetry, poetics, experimental ethnography, and cultural and performance studies", edited by Mark Nowak.

Streetnotes has a wide range of interesting material linking poetry reportage and images. We are interested in progressive, experimental work that explores new forms and ideas.

Opposable Dumbs by Tina Darragh, and Object Now up to eight or nine fascinatingly different embodiments of textuality.

This section is organised by name of blog or website; equivalent section in Quick Links is organised by name of poet. The poems are organized into 9 parts of 9 poems each, and cycle through 8 themes.

The project aims to apply 'cuts' preemptively to poetry itself, experiencing this deprivation on the levels of sentiment, structure, and subject matter.

The last section appeared on the author's 30th birthday. Publication forthcoming from penned in the margins. The text is of the zombie genre.

The author's name is one used by Jow Lindsay or whatever. You may or may not regret reading it. Sean Bonney's blog presents him as "Poet, collagist, polemicist, libertarian marxist, antagonist".

Go there now for the Cramps videos: Starting in April and finishing March ' they will produce 6 pairs of work.

In the first month of each pair a clue will be set for the other to respond to. Then the collection will be turned into a pdf.

This site is being maintained by an independent body. That's Joe Luna's blog, with his poetry etc, essays, and curiosa of both banality and splendour.

Quit This Pampered Town is his previous blog embarrassingly successful! Andrew Duncan's blog of data related to Angel Exhaust magazine. Includes his map of his 7-volume work on modern British poetry, the Affluence work.

Handlist of late 20th century poets part 1 , Handlist of late 20th century poets part 2: Mid century poets — starts with Richard Aldington, ends with persons becoming known c , and is genuinely catholic in the good sense as it were.

It's good — I warm to and am stimulated by a lot of what Harrison says. Elegant, composed and radiant, like the man's poetry well done Peter Manson — an exceptionally attractive design.

Biography, bibliographies, notes on poems, essays, and uncollected poems. More about and from one of Britain's finest poets.

Try also his podomatic site for a whole mass of audio material by himself and others including The Smallest Arts Festival In The World , and The Days, How They Pass , daily poems over a year, posted up as podcasts of 20 with images.

Great creative energy here. Pages from Underworld can be seen further on William James Austin: A hell of a lot of interesting stuff is going on here.

Jonathan Jones's blog, written I guess from teaching at a Belgian university, has very perceptive comments on a contemporary poetry largely American rather than British , plus the odd poem and the odd also perceptive comment on TV etc.

There is also The Sticky Pages Press blog for his publishing activities, very interesting little physical book poems. Also try his johnmbennettpoetry blog for texts and news.

Books published by www. Her poem blog is The Chatelain's Beach House. Explore, too, the form she has invented in Hay na ku Poetry. Has news, information, some older poems and links; Hafta Hafta: I enjoy its at times distanced but always informed view of alternative poetry culture.

Steve Willey's blog on his research project part of the multimillion pound AHRC-financed Beyond Text programme may well prove to be a useful resource.

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett's website gives info, links, texts and multi-media presentations of her performances and projects. More audio material on her MySpace.

Timothy Thornton's blog contains poems by him, quoted by him, essays, music etc etc, plus a homepage. Well worth perusing and studying. He knows what he is doing.

David Caddy's blog contains long prose pieces, with poems, about his personal, literary and regional roots: Poetic Letters from England", and some very well-informed critical writing also.

These are also available as audio downloads on the site. The website of this long-practising visual and sound poet, an early collaborator with Bob Cobbing.

A remarkable body of work. A good little biography, an mp3, and two links. There are also two short videos on YouTube by Ian Davidson: Harsh 15 and Harsh Rob Stanton's dailyish poetic poem sequence blog — this is our life.

Now complete at dclxvi posts. Chronological archive of Patrick Coyle's performances, exhibitions and publications. This is heroic activity!

This is a paradise. The most enjoyable poet's site of them all. Carrie Etter's blog has some interesting comments about her relationship to the poetry culture she encounters in her present environment.

The End of Everything Soft and Kind Clive Fencott was a major collaborator with Bob Cobbing, mainly mid 70s to mid 80s, with more interest in computing since.

His home page has some fun interactive material as well as information on publications and performances.

Peter Finch was leading figure of the fabled but real like King Arthur British Poetry Revival of the 60s and early 70s. He remains active yet in Cardiff, as a poet and cultural force.

His website is excellent: Some excellent writing on British and Welsh poetry, and good advice to aspiring writers.

A world of disorderly notions, picked out of his books, crowded into his imagination is the site for Donna Leishman's fairytale-inspired narratives.

Class them as e-literature if you want; enjoy them! WN Herbert has many online presences, but this is the best starting place though it is in fact the child of Gairspace.

It will lead you to the blog gairnet provides: Another live blog is The Lost Notebook I lost my notebook. Have you seen it? Now I must remember everything that was in it.

And there are three collaborative blogs you may find interesting and informative fun: Blogaria This blog records interactions between two groups of poets, one from the North East of England, and the other from Sofia, Bulgaria.

This isn't mentioning the facebook and MySpace presences either. Informationism — if it weren't so good I'd use the word overload; but no, I certainly wouldn't.

And in addition a superb gathering of links to visual poetry elsewhere on the net. Produced by one Pothwith — David Wheatley. More power to him! Prudence Chamberlain's interesting blog uses Frank O'Hara's poetics to power a contemporary performance poetry..

Beautiful, frightening and mind altering. Critic and poet Michael Grant's grapplings with paradox and impossibility in philosophy, language, and the cinema.

With reference, potentially, to the works of Maurice Blanchot, T. A useful gathering of poems and essays by the last of the objectivist poets, as part of Light and Dust Anthology of Poetry.

First Chapter Saloon gives the first chapters of a large number of his fictions. And there are three interesting collaborative blogs you may find interesting and informative fun: Crucial in every respect!

Mike Weller's self-publishing activities. Richard also has his own MySpace presence. Recent issues of Painted, Spoken are now available as pdfs on the site.

John Sparrow's multimedia work upon texts, imaginative and often gloriously diverting, plus a good blog. I'd recommend "The Matrix: A Poetry Resource Center" as an introduction to modernist poetry in the American tradition Ms Jarnot actually says "the Western Tradition", but that may depend where you put the West.

Tom Kelly's blog has his and others' poems, plus articles, reviews and notices about poetry and drama in the North-East.

And a huge blogroll! More serious literary material on his Wordpress blog. She gives a lot of information on her poems and art, plus the text of her long poem, Paradise and Inferno , on the Iraq War.

The website of the Scottish poet Gerry Loose, with poems online or linked. Two interesting blogs, described as journals and written respectively in Finland and Scotland, are Saari Seasons and Carbeth: Tony Lopez's site covers all the bases: This blog holds details of all Lee's published poetry: Minimalist poet, minimalist lifestyle has some unpublished poems and more normal bloggy stuff.

I enjoyed Paul's poetry greatly when I had contact with him through the 70s, and had it as one of my models. I was delighted to see he is still very active.

She also has very useful and perceptive review blog, Delirium's Library. Piers Hugill began this blog on the French Jewish poet, theorist of poetry, theorist of language, Henri Meschonnic.

If deep draughts of theory are your thing, gulp it down! Prynne, and every avant-garde movement from Baudelaire but even before too — viz.

Check out also the Wanda Phipps Band MySpace presence for more superb musical presentations of her poems. Very beautiful presentations of music and language.

A site dedicated to interviewing writers and others. While they make soup. Very useful use of hyperlinks to refer out. His more personal blog, with poems etc, is brokenloop.

Guido Monte's personal site has a lot of work by him, plus information and links. The "news" section links to blogs with material by or on him.

David Berridge's art blog, "with writing on a range of art and a particular interest in connections of art and language as well as in new and exploratory forms of art writing and criticism.

There is a lot of useful information, a place where student essays can be published, and a fair number of poems. Older, now static blog Alan Morrison, Poet has bare links, information and poems.

Notes on Film — awe-inspiring coverage. Huge if unordered list of links. Maggie O'Sullivan's site contains bibliography and thorough links to all on-line material, with a little text and voice to view and download.

Another reminder of the 70s, though somewhat different from Paul Matthews above. Opal L Nations was a vivid presence in the avant-garde, with total, corrosive neo-dada absurdism.

Read his works and despair! Marcus Slease's blog is enthusiastic, informed and perceptive, with Marcus's widely travelled perspective a useful one.

See Shellsuit Massacre for his more aggressive aural activities. Good things out of Edinburgh, that city of culture and darkness.

Travelogue too is Pierre Joris's blog, with interesting and wide-ranging material. He has also a homepage , with material and links concerned with his own writing.

Andrew Jordan's website contains at present information on his publishing activities, viz 10th Muse magazine , bending oeuvre books and The Listening Voice newsletter most recent as a pdf.

Her work addresses the possibility of reciprocation between art and writing; practice and everyday life; production and circulation. Projects usually take the form of performance, objects or text.

Tamarin is currently artist writer in residence at Modern Art Oxford. Lots of audio, video, some photos — enter the world of art writing.

Karen McCarthy Woolf's experiment seems worthwhile and interesting to me — a very open approach. Daniele Pantano's website contains poems, details of publications and all his books, readings etc, plus links to his blog, Mass Graves.

Poets and their Cats: The Black Arts; kitsch images; Black Humour; Against Capitalism; for slackers, Wastrels; Against Dynamic growth; for long-lingering- malingering -cultivation through book reading.

Will contain blasphemous images of Jesus. Fair enough — what's not to like here, then? Sharon Borthwick's pleasurable blog, with photos, observations and all.

Some texts are fragments of academic work while some are process pieces resting at this site for exploratory means. Holly Pester has been working with live poetry and critical writing for three years.

Go directly to it now! Mainstream and original poetry: There are also back issues of Angel Exhaust, More up-to-date material is on his current Angel Exhaust blog.

His other blog is text messenger: Dominic Fox is a writer and programmer living and working in London. Her MySpace page , including reading to music, is really impressive!

Poetry editor of the Morning Star. And founder of Zafusy. It has a little about Jody Porter, some poems, and lots of poems from the Morning Star , by eg Alan Morrison, Alistair Noon , articles etc from a range of others — a good place to encounter a gathering of poets and poetry with a clear political ring.

Seriously interesting cross-media performance work, which website provides a mere pointer at I fear. Interesting things happening here.

Our 4 best friends: Green", contains poem texts, hypertext works, soundworks, scripts, all that Brother Paul can offer us. But with what is effectively a very live and active blog.

Some interesting observations are indeed made. But the site is now invitation only — wtf? Do check out the Sad Press books listings, and the sound files available.

Everyone's Cup of Tea , with a list of useful links to works thereby, and an even earlier version of blog still online.

You will also wish to consult too the very live franciscrot. Notes and thoughts towards a gathering book dreaming through the web-mirror is Julie Sampson's blog, indeed centred on women writers in Devon, medieval to modern in precise detail.

I get a sense of someone trying to write good poetry, reflective of his experience of this world, and being both direct and adventurous in his use of language and poetic formal properties.

I would like to consider him a part of the British Innovative Poetry community, on the grounds that he possesses "the root of the matter".

Haikus and other short syllabic poems based on a random word and linked with a picture , which is also very enjoyable.

I hope you like this work. This play for voices, commissioned by London Word Festival , has just been published by Penned in the Margins.

John Cayley's site contains his complex work in interactive multimedia poetry using QuickTime — "codework": There is a genuinely new linguistic and conceptual space being explored.

A focus for a lot of interesting debate and commentary by the American poet the word "leading" nearly leapt in before his name, but it's better and much more alive than that.

The most important American poetry blog. Hannah has also a splendid Hannah Silva MySpace presence. Official Unofficial Website Sanctioned by Author.

All ye faithful need to know, and more! The great man is stalked, and accepts it. There are also poems by Steve Fowler on his blog, blutkitt poetry.

See also her poets et al: I am delighted that David Bircumshaw is back in action on the Web, with ever more fresh material on his site. Martin Stannard has a beautiful site.

A lot of stuff, all very worthwhile, both poems, and criticism. David Grundy's blog combines his major interest in contemporary music with poetic language creation also, with detailed reviews of readings, and articles, eg on Amiri Baraka and music.

This is delightful and profound art. It is delighful yes, I said that just above — both these sites are! He should have a MySpace presence really.

This is where English Modernism entered the world from. Amy De'Ath has an excellent Wordpress site, with blog, poems, and an excellent, well-informed and well-considered essay on Poetry Publishing: Andrew Taylor Poetry contains ditto plus more poetry, visual poetry and images.

Theatre, art, poetry, music, London, the weather, airports, sudden fury, different music, still not cutting down on sugary snacks, film, horses, people doing sin, incidents, refractions, the entire dark dream outside.

The blog of the very and multi-talented Chris Goode, writer, performer, performance-writer, performance-arranger and director, his deeds and his thoughts always interesting.

Mighty American academic literary monument, The Kenyon Review , hosts a selection of her poems, and some of the academic papers delivered at a academic symposium on her work as poet and poetic theorist.

Hardly entry level material here. Changing the Subject in the Poetry of Veronica Forrest-Thomson is probably the clearest introduction to her situation and her importance.

It's a very worthwhile site to visit and wander in. See Beneath the Underground entry under Readings for further details. In the meantime, here is a man who has kept the faith and kept the poetry going.

This man is talented and inventive! Note from John Tranter: This site began in It is not a weblog, updated every day.

Instead, it grows gradually, and is designed to be a long-term useful resource for people wanting to know about my life and my work.

It is already over a thousand pages long. Here you can read my poems, and read about my life. There are interviews with me and reviews of my books not all the reviews are favourable!

John Tranter is a great Australian poet; as founder of Jacket a great online poetry editor and explicator, and creator of a site that presented Innovative British Poetry to a wide audience through the late 90s and the 00s, a crucial period of growth and establishment.

Also see the more bloglike Tranter's Journal. Music frames poems; poems shape music. They "operate at the edges of disciplinary boundaries through an integrated visual-spatial-poetic practice.

Engaging with sites of architectural and socio-cultural significance, we expose and re-contextualise the site in question through performance, installation and time-based media.

Breathtaking and haunting images on the website.

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Hardcore Punk , Post-Hardcore. Dream Pop , Indie Pop. Art Pop , Pop Rock. Experimental Rock , Post-Punk. Electronic , Experimental Rock. Heartland Rock , Indie Rock.

Beat Music , Mod. Big Brother and The Holding Company. Indie Folk , Indie Rock. Krautrock , Psychedelic Rock. Experimental Rock , Satire. Art Rock , Canterbury Scene.

Boom Bap , Gangsta Rap. Alternative Rock , Stoner Rock. Americana , Chamber Folk , Indie Folk. Gothic Rock , Post-Punk.

Funk Rock , P-Funk. New Romantic , Synthpop. Acoustic Rock , Alternative Rock. Baroque Pop , Psychedelic Pop. Jazz Fusion , Jazz-Rock.

Alternative Rock , Power Pop. Pop Rock , Sophisti-Pop. Math Rock , Post-Rock. Folk Rock , Pop Rock.

Blue Eyed Soul , Country Soul. Pop , Pop Rap. Krautrock , Progressive Electronic. Alternative Rock , Post-Punk. Chamber Pop , Neo-Psychedelia. Post-Punk , Punk Rock.

Indie Pop , Indie Rock. Jazz-Rock , Pop Rock. Art Pop , French Pop. Standards , Vocal Jazz. Electropop , UK Hip Hop.

New Wave , Post-Punk , Synthpop. Alternative Rock , Noise Rock. Grime , UK Hip Hop. Art Rock , Indie Rock. Art Punk , New Wave. Baroque Pop , Pop Rock.

Ambient Techno , IDM. Alternative Dance , Synthpop. Experimental Rock , Post-Rock. Art Pop , Indie Folk. Deep House , UK Garage. Bossa Nova , Jazz.

Modal Jazz , Third Stream. Jam Band , Psychedelic Rock. Folk Pop , Folk Rock. Avant-Garde Jazz , Third Stream.

Blues Rock , British Blues. Folk Rock , Hard Rock. Dance-Punk , New Wave. Blue Eyed Soul , New Wave. Art Pop , Synthpop.

Country Rock , Folk Rock. Indie Rock , Neo-Psychedelia. Hard Rock , Rock Opera. Alternative Rock , Post-Hardcore. British Folk Rock , Contemporary Folk.

Indie Rock , Noise Pop. Indie Pop , Indietronica , Synthpop. Pop Rock , Synth Funk. Indie Rock , Noise Rock. Art Rock , Pop Rock.

Progressive Rock , Rock Opera. Alternative Dance , Indie Rock. Jazz Fusion , Jazz-Funk. Folk Rock , Psychedelic Rock. Mod , Psychedelic Pop , Psychedelic Rock.

Neo-Psychedelia , Psychedelic Pop , Synthpop. Indie Rock , Punk Rock. Funk , Funk Rock. Alternative Dance , New Wave , Synthpop. Dream Pop , Noise Pop , Shoegaze.

Pop Rock , Rock Opera. Indie Rock , Pop Rock. Alternative Metal , Grunge. Electro-Industrial , Industrial Rock.

Art Rock , Post-Punk. Alternative Dance , Electronic. Indie Pop , Indietronica. Art Pop , Chamber Pop. Dream Pop , Synthpop. Art Pop , Indie Pop. Jangle Pop , Power Pop.

Atmospheric Drum and Bass. Acid Rock , West Coast Rock. Ambient Dub , Ambient House. Art Pop , New Wave. Big Band , Swing. Dream Pop , Shoegaze.

Art Pop , Experimental Rock. Smooth Soul , Southern Soul. Dance-Pop , Funky House. Boom Bap , Jazz Rap. Art Pop , Electropop , Synthpop.

Dream Pop , Ethereal Wave. Modal Jazz , Post-Bop. Jazz Fusion , Nu Jazz , Wonky. Britpop , Glam Rock. Conscious Hip Hop , Pop Rap.

Dream Pop , Indie Rock. Post-Punk Revival , Shoegaze. Art Rock , Britpop. Groove Metal , Nu Metal. Blues Rock , Southern Rock. Art Pop , Sophisti-Pop.

The Bootleg Series Vol. The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert. Experimental Rock , Noise Rock. Mod , Pop Rock. Indie Pop , Pop Rock.

Experimental Hip Hop , Neo-Soul. Art Rock , Blues Rock. AOR , Hard Rock. Alternative Rock , Folk Rock. Art Pop , Experimental.

Celtic Punk , Celtic Rock. Hard Rock , Progressive Rock. Boogie Rock , Southern Rock. Americana , Contemporary Folk.

Glam Rock , Hard Rock. Britpop , Indie Rock. Zur selben Zeit entwickelte sich vor allem aus Detroit kommend eine weitere Stilrichtung des Techno, der so genannte Minimal Techno.

Die auf den Massenmarkt gerichtete Musikindustrie nutzte früh die wachsende Popularität des Techno. Etwa schafften es erste Trance -Produktionen in die Charts und es wurden vermehrt Pop-Songs veröffentlicht, deren Geschwindigkeit und Rhythmus sich an Techno orientierte z.

Um diese Zeit entstanden erste Produktionen von Produzenten aus Genres wie dem Schlager und der volkstümlichen Musik , bei denen harte elektronische Bass-Schläge auf den Vierteln verwendet wurden.

War Techno bis Anfang der er-Jahre hauptsächlich eine westeuropäische und US-amerikanische Bewegung gewesen, so sprang der Funke ab nach und nach in die ganze Welt über.

Auch in Japan begann sich eine zunächst kleine, aber nach und nach immer einflussreichere Szene herauszubilden, die besonders an Fusionen zwischen Techno und anderen Musikstilen interessiert war z.

Towa Tei , in der sich jedoch andererseits auch eine eigene Variante des Eurobeat namens Jpop herausbildete, die kommerziell erfolgreich war. Technoparaden nach dem Vorbild der Loveparade wurden in der zweiten Hälfte der er-Jahre in vielen Metropolen der Welt abgehalten und trugen dazu bei, Techno zu einem globalen Phänomen zu machen.

Ab etwa wandte sich der Underground immer mehr vom Trance ab und orientierte sich wieder vermehrt an härteren technoiden Klängen oder dem rhythmusbetonten Minimalismus des Minimal Techno.

Selbst nicht-melodische Technotracks waren vermehrt in den Charts vertreten. Als Gegenbewegung entwickelte sich, ebenfalls Mitte der er-Jahre, der sogenannte Intelligent Techno , der wegen seiner Vielfalt an Taktarten, komplexen Rhythmen, Industrial und vom Ambient beeinflussten Geräuschorgien und Einflüssen aus den verschiedensten Musikrichtungen kaum noch in die Schublade Techno im engeren Sinne einzuordnen war.

Hauptvertreter waren und sind Künstler wie Aphex Twin und Autechre. Ab den späten er-Jahren flaute der Techno-Boom stufenweise ab.

Partys verlagerten sich vermehrt von alten Lagerhallen in herkömmliche Clubs. Dennoch entwickelte sich Techno weiter und vermischte sich mit anderen Musikstilen.

Die rasante Entwicklung von Computerprogrammen und das Sampling per Computer brachten neue Produktionsmethoden, die elektronische Musik mit unzähligen verschiedenen Geräuschen und Effekten ermöglichte.

Heckmann oder Luke Slater. Einige Produzenten und DJs aus den Anfangstagen orientierten sich neu, begannen wieder vermehrt zu experimentieren und besannen sich auf die Zeit vor dem Hype, während andere Künstler vollständig aus dem Licht der Öffentlichkeit verschwanden.

Nur wenige Plattenlabels vermarkten derzeit konventionelle Techno-Veröffentlichungen und entsprechend gering ist die Anzahl der Newcomer, die den Durchbruch auf internationaler Ebene schaffen.

Zum Teil machte sich Verdrossenheit breit, andere verspürten wieder vermehrt eine Art Aufbruchstimmung. Auch die Kombination von Schlager und volkstümlicher Musik mit Techno-Beats lebte weiter, jedoch ging ihre Popularität zurück.

Techno entwickelte sich von der vorherrschenden Avantgardebewegung innerhalb der Popmusik, die sie in der ersten Hälfte der er-Jahre war, zu einer Musikrichtung mehr in einer vielfältigen Gesamtmusikszene.

Dennoch dominieren Techno und House nach wie vor den Markt in der elektronischen Tanzmusik und der elektronischen Musik überhaupt.

Da Techno mit Hilfe von elektronischen Geräten erzeugt wird, ist es nicht nötig, dass der Komponist ein klassisches Instrument wie z.

Trotzdem gibt es viele Musiker, die sich der Techno-Produktion über künstlerische Aspekte und intellektuelle Betrachtungsweisen genähert haben.

Herkömmliche Song-Strukturen wurden über Bord geworfen und durch neue Ideen ersetzt. Bei der Produktion ist der Drumcomputer von essentieller Bedeutung.

Geräte mit möglichst elektronisch klingender Perkussion werden üblicherweise bevorzugt. Daher haben sie noch heute einen entsprechend hohen Wiederverkaufswert.

Beliebte Geräte sind, beziehungsweise waren beispielsweise TB und Juno Um die Modulationsmöglichkeiten mit den Vorzügen der digitalen Geräte zu verbinden, wurden so genannte virtuell-analoge Geräte entwickelt.

Bekanntes Beispiel ist der Clavia Nord Lead. Ab Mitte der er-Jahre fand eine zunehmende Verlagerung auf den Computer statt.

Sampler wurden durch Computer ersetzt. Software-Firmen begannen mit der Entwicklung und dem Verkauf von Programmen, in denen schon Tausende von vorgefertigten Bestandteilen Rhythmuspassagen, Melodiesequenzen etc.

Dieses Puzzle-Prinzip führte im Internet zu einer hohen Flut an Amateurproduktionen auf einem Niveau, die mit Tracks, die mit aktuellem teurem Studioequipment produziert wurden, qualitativ zwar nicht mithalten können, jedoch oft weitaus höherwertiger klingen als viele alte Techno-Platten aus der Anfangszeit.

Im konventionellen Radio und auf Partys werden Liebhaber dieser Richtung nicht bedient. Der nächste Entwicklungsschritt folgte mit virtuellen Synthesizern, mit denen sich per PC ein echter Hardware-Synthesizer simulieren lässt.

Ein bekanntes Beispiel dafür ist die Reaktor -Software. Dahinter standen manchmal Marketingstrategien, um das Interesse der Öffentlichkeit zu wecken, nicht selten aber auch die Technoszene selbst, um sich in der immer unüberschaubaren Vielfalt von Veröffentlichungen besser orientieren zu können.

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