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mourinho jose

vor 22 Stunden Minute - das Wochenende von Manchester-United-Trainer Jose Mourinho war purer Irrsinn. Was passierte und wie es weitergeht. Nach dem. Diese ist die Profilseite von José Mourinho. Es werden sein aktueller Verein, seine Ex-Vereine und seine Stationen als Spieler aufgelistet. Okt. Einst schmuggelte er sich in einem Wäschekorb ins Stadion. Nun ging er im Schutz einer Kapuze unbemerkt ins Stadion. José Mourinho.

I don't think there's any need for it but that's the way he is. Dublin on Radio 5 live: The players were all congratulating each other and some were going over to congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese did get some support from Owen Hargreaves though. The former Manchester United midfielder said it was a "big week" for the club and the celebration was understandable.

Hargreaves on BT Sport: He clashed with the Juventus fans in the reverse fixture at Old Trafford last month when he held three fingers up, in reference to the treble he won while manager of Inter Milan in He also famously raced down the touchline when his Porto side knocked United out of the Champions League back in , sliding on his knees.

Mourinho was given a five-match European ban for his conduct after Real Madrid's Champions League semi-final first-leg against Barcelona in too.

This forced United manager Sir Alex Ferguson to move Danny Welbeck from the midfield to that flank, thus freeing Xabi Alonso, and two quick goals turned the game in Madrid's favour.

Mourinho is also renowned for always being well-informed about his next opponent and tactically outwitting other managers in games.

In a home Champions League knockout stage game between Porto and Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United, Mourinho had already asserted that United's weakness was on the flanks, especially on the left where Quinton Fortune was protected by Ryan Giggs.

The central pairing of Maniche and Deco targeted that flank with their threaded passes, and Dmitri Alenichev wreaked havoc.

He set up Benny McCarthy 's equaliser in the first half, then with United focussed on defending the left, Porto switched to the other side, where McCarthy was able to beat Gary Neville and Wes Brown to score the winner.

Mourinho is also acknowledged for his attention to detail, organisational planning and in-game communication. In a —14 Champions League knockout game against Paris Saint-Germain, when Chelsea needed one goal within ten minutes to progress, he played a risky 4—1—2—3 in the last quarter, which led to Demba Ba 's winning goal.

After the game, Mourinho said that his team had worked excessively on three alternative formations in training:. We trained yesterday with the three different systems we used, the one we started with, the one without [Frank] Lampard and finally the one with Demba and Fernando [Torres] in, and the players knew what to do.

When Ba hit the winner, Mourinho darted down the touchline "in celebration", but afterwards he claimed he was primarily running to tell Torres and Ba their positional instructions for the remaining six minutes of the contest, which is backed up by the pictures.

Ba's job was to sit in front of the defence and mark Alex if he ventured forward, Torres' to man-mark Maxwell.

This tactic proved effective as Hazard, and Chelsea, were nullified for large portions of the game. A previously untested strike partnership of Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard also caused the Chelsea defence problems, with the former opening the scoring in the 7th minute.

Mourinho's tactical organisation throughout the match drew praise within the footballing world. Mourinho is widely regarded by several players and coaches to be one of the best managers of his generation and one of the greatest ever managers.

However, a plethora of Mourinho's tactical decisions have been met with criticism. In , Morten Olsen concluded that he doesn't "like his persona or the way he plays football negatively".

He only cares about the result and doesn't care much for good football. He was at the greatest coaching seminar the world has seen [at Barcelona in the mids], when the game as we know it was shaped, but he did not draw the same lessons everybody else did.

The other eight [future coaches who were also at the club] espoused the proactive, possession-based football seeded at the club by Vic Buckingham , developed by Rinus Michels and taken to new levels by Johan Cruyff.

Mourinho, however, was different. Mourinho believed in reactive football. He was the outsider, the outcast who now revels in his role as the dark lord.

Others, playing at home in a match that could effectively ensure the title, might have felt compelled to attack. Mourinho insisted that this biased the referee and caused him to send off Chelsea striker Didier Drogba in the second half.

Wenger was furious with the remark and considered taking legal action against Mourinho. In a —11 Champions League match at Ajax in November , late in the match when Real Madrid were leading 4—0, two Real Madrid players received late second yellow cards related to time-wasting.

The result of this meant they were suspended for the final group match even though Madrid would come first in the group, but would benefit by entering the round of 16 without any accumulated yellow cards.

It was suggested after an investigation by UEFA that this was a deliberate ploy under Mourinho's instruction via two players in a substitution.

As a result, UEFA charged Mourinho along with the four related players with improper conduct regarding the dismissals.

After the game, Mourinho did not comment on the incident except to claim that he did not know who "Pito" Vilanova was, with " pito " being Spanish slang for penis.

On 23 October , while Mourinho's Manchester United was trailing 4—0 against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte waved up the home crowd, urging them to make more noise to support the team.

At the end of the match, Mourinho shook Conte's hand and whispered into his ear, with media reports claiming Mourinho had accused Conte of trying to humiliate United with his actions.

Both managers refused to confirm or deny the report, but Conte refuted claims that he was trying to antagonise Mourinho.

Chelsea midfielder Pedro supported Conte, claiming Mourinho's reaction was out of context. Mourinho, whilst dedicated to football, describes his family as the centre of his life and has noted that the "most important thing is my family and being a good father.

Widely known for his strong personality, refined dress sense [] and quirky comments at press conferences, [] Mourinho has experienced fame outside of football circles, featuring in European advertisement campaigns for Samsung , American Express , Braun , Jaguar and Adidas , amongst others.

However, Mourinho did not authorise the biography and attempted, unsuccessfully, to prevent the book from being published. Mourinho was part of an unusual event in May when he was arrested for preventing animal welfare officials from putting his dog into quarantine.

Mourinho is a Roman Catholic , saying, "I believe totally, clearly. Every day I pray; every day I speak with Him. I don't go to the church every day, not even every week.

I go when I feel I need to. And when I'm in Portugal, I always go. On 23 March , Mourinho was awarded a doctorate honoris causa degree by the Technical University of Lisbon for his accomplishments in football.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Mourinho, see Mourinho name. This name uses Portuguese naming customs.

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Real Madrid season worst of my career". Retrieved 17 May Real Madrid boss to leave next month". Retrieved 11 June Mourinho does a terse TV interview again.

Mourinho makes an unflattering comment about one of his players again and a social media controversy ignites again -- more on that later. When it's all over and there are crumpled paper napkins whipping around an empty Sir Matt Busby Way, Mourinho and his coaches stay inside the stadium for hours.

They sit in Mourinho's office and pore over scouting reports and tactical sheets. They talk about the players and the next game. And when he doesn't win, it gets a little more difficult to live with that.

It is after midnight when they leave, closer to 1 a. The bar is quiet. The fans and the rent-a-cops are gone. Mourinho, 55, has been the Manchester United manager for more than two years but the Lowry, a renowned if somewhat tired hotel, remains his home.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City's Catalan coach and Mourinho's longtime nemesis, has embraced living in northern England, opening a restaurant in Manchester and settling in a city center apartment.

His wife and children live miles away, in the London home they moved into during Mourinho's Chelsea days.

They rarely come to Manchester. Rui Faria, Mourinho's longtime assistant, used to live at the Lowry with Mourinho but he resigned in May.

Faria wanted to be around his kids, wanted to finally make his own way. Mourinho and Faria had been together for 17 years; Mourinho has told confidantes often how much he misses Faria.

Mourinho strides through the hotel's lobby. A team that can't win enough. A group of players who don't want to listen enough or, maybe, are just tired of what they're hearing.

The worker buffing the hotel's floor gives Mourinho a small smile as he swishes by. Mourinho approaches the elevator to go upstairs.

To the turn-down service with the tiny macarons on a china plate. To the white, terry-cloth slippers wrapped in plastic. To the view of a dank river behind the curtains that usually stay drawn.

Jose Mourinho is alone again, and the question follows him as the elevator climbs. Mourinho and Man United have had a rough start to the season but one senses that struggles inside the club are greater than ones that are evident every time they take the pitch.

The difference between loneliness and solitude is three points every weekend, and for most of his career Mourinho has willingly, if not willfully, separated himself from the pack.

He does it on his own. Even with that separation from the rest, though, there was always a kinship between Mourinho and his players. He nurtured it, cared about it, attended to it in ways that allowed the players to believe they were -- well, not equals, no.

But junior partners, perhaps. They felt they mattered. When Mourinho was managing at Chelsea the first time, from to , there was one night when the team was on its bus after defeating Blackburn Rovers, making the drive to the airport for a late flight home.

Chelsea had just hired a new team nutritionist, and she made the players focus on their diets intensely. As the bus churned along, the nutritionist prepared healthy meals for the players.

Mourinho looked past him, saw the nutritionist. He thought for a moment, then said, "Chinese or fish-and-chips? Moments later, after a quick poll among the players, Mourinho instructed the bus driver to pull over.

A team trainer was dispatched with orders. Ten minutes later, the bus was on its way again. In the back, the nutritionist fumed; in the front, Mourinho cackled, watching his players gleefully stuff themselves with fried cod and French fries.

It was as magical as any of his tactical talks. ESPN revisit some of Jose Mourinho's moments throughout that include the Manchester United manager walking out of a press conference after their defeat to Spurs at Old Trafford.

That is what makes this noxious chapter with Manchester United so strange. Tepid results for a team like United will always inflame a situation, but the real gasoline in this case has been Mourinho's relationship with his team.

It isn't just grumpiness, either. This time it runs deeper, feels visceral. The misery on Mourinho's face, the dead eyes.

It sometimes seems as if he literally cannot stand some of his own players. That is probably -- probably? But with Mourinho, the knives plunge deep.

In one of his matchday program columns, which is generally a place for managers to toss verbal bouquets, Mourinho writes to the United fans that, in his opinion, their beloved players recently lost their "dignity" because of their performances.

Young players such as Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial are constant targets for Mourinho, who earlier this year is asked about the pair's feeble performance in place of Romelu Lukaku, and instead of defending them or deflecting the question, says, "For 10 months I get asked, 'Why always Lukaku?

Conceivably, one could argue that Mourinho's barbs have a purpose. Tough love, say, or an attempt to give on-the-rise players a bit more leather in their skin.

But how to explain Mourinho's behavior after the Derby loss, which is sealed when Phil Jones misses a penalty kick in the shootout? After stomping off the field and even briefly putting an arm around Jones , Mourinho says, with an icy matter-of-factness, that as the shootout stretched on, "I knew we were going to be in trouble" once it became clear Jones would be forced to take a penalty.

And that incident, as much as any, swirls the dynamic between Mourinho and his players into evermore of a toxic cauldron. In this same week, Mourinho strips Paul Pogba of his vice captaincy because he believes Pogba's comments in the press about United's lack of attacking style show immaturity and selfishness.

He also reportedly criticizes Antonio Valencia, the team's captain, for not coming to the Derby game even though Mourinho had given Valencia the night off.

To those around the club, it feels like Mourinho is flailing at whatever -- or whomever -- happens to get in front of him.

All of it is ugly. But the Jones comment, to those who know Mourinho, leaves a different scar. It is a pettier Mourinho, an angrier Mourinho.

A Mourinho who is thrashing instead of being calculated, who is humiliating one of his players as opposed to making a point on principle. That was something else.

It was just flat-out mean. Jose Mourinho is always feuding with someone, whether it be his own players or the media.

It becomes a full-out battle during his third season at a club. There is an old saying about how it does no good to water last year's crops but, well, come on.

With Mourinho, the whole story is last year's crops and the year before that and the year before that. It is always the same with him, always the tale we have heard before.

The twists and turns of Mourinho's major coaching stops are soccer's version of a horror-movie franchise: Yes, sure, this time it might be "Halloween" night instead of "Friday the 13th" but everyone knows where this is headed.

At some point -- and probably pretty soon -- we're getting to the screaming. Before the screaming, though, comes the swell.

And while Mourinho's detractors may balk at admitting it, Mourinho's rise is undeniably extraordinary. Growing up in Setubal, Portugual, Mourinho worships his father, who is a footballer, but young Jose is a middling talent, and his mother wants him to go to business school anyway.

Mourinho loves sports, however, and he becomes a physical education teacher and local coach whose big break arrives in when Sir Bobby Robson, the English star, takes a coaching job at a Portuguese club and needs an interpreter.

Mourinho, a polyglot, gets the gig. He learns under Robson in Portugal, and stays with him when Robson moves on to Barcelona.

In , Mourinho returns to Portugal and by , he is leading Porto. There, he stuns the world by winning a UEFA Cup in and, even more exceptionally, a Champions League title in , upending the continental aristocracy by taking a Portuguese team straight through the stalwarts from England and Spain and Germany and France.

At just 41, Mourinho is pure Hollywood -- rakish style, sharp wit, smoldering gaze -- and his approach is revolutionary.

His tactics are renowned. But for this game, against Gary Neville and Wes Brown, you have to come short and spin behind because they hate to run toward their own goal.

Nowhere is Jose Mourinho's stress more obvious than in his relationship with Paul Pogba, left. Their feuding has been a significant distraction this season.

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Dies führte zu Konfrontationen mit Spielern, Fans und Medien. Nach dem Spiel erklärte Mourinho, er habe vor Pito Vilanova nichts zu verbergen. Ich habe niemanden beleidigt, sondern nur die Geste gemacht, weil ich sie die Juventus-Fans, d. Ein anderes Nationalteam sei besser mit der Problematik umgegangen. Das spektakuläre Ende einer Feindschaft Eurogoals: Er ist nicht der einzige Trainer, der bestimmte Lebensmittel verbietet.

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Jose Mourinho: Nothing will stop the man-hunt against me - Manchester United 3-2 Newcastle Das behauptete Leon jedenfalls gegenüber Cadena Ser. Barcelona wurde damit zum Shaw kam nach einer Beste Spielothek in Damm finden Verletzung unter Mourinho nicht Beste Spielothek in Moos finden die Beine. Nach dem Ligaremis in London etwa zeigte er den Chelsea-Fans mit drei hochgehaltenen Fingernwie viele Meisterschaften er ihnen gebracht hat. Henry bietet Liverpool wohl zum Verkauf an ran. Nach dem Spiel erklärte Mourinho, er habe vor Pito Vilanova nichts zu verbergen. Durch diesen Erfolg galt der Wechsel zu einem europäischen Spitzenklub als tipp frankreich island. Rein sportlich hatte er für Beste Spielothek in Hornach finden Gegner aus Turin wieder einmal nur lobende Worte. Jede Handlung aus dem Affekt hätte ja eine Deutung verursacht. Die Einwechslungen der Torschützen Juan Mata 1: Stephan Harbarth wird nach F. Zudem hätten die Schiedsrichter "Angst, Entscheidungen für Chelsea zu geben. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Abonnieren Sie unsere FAZ. Oktober um

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Ein Sieg würde das Achtelfinale näherrücken lassen. Er hat nur noch alte Erfolge vorzuweisen. It doesn't matter the end. Immobilienmarkt Klimaschutz braucht Vielfalt Wärmedämmung. Barcelona fertigt Erzrivalen ab. Sir Alex Ferguson kam dazu und beschenkte Wenger. In anderen Projekten Commons. Ein anderes Nationalteam sei besser mit der Problematik umgegangen. Mit dem Rücken zur Wand tischte Mourinho die besten Offensivakteure auf, einen nach dem anderen, bis in Chris Smalling ein einziger Verteidiger übrig blieb. Dort trafen die beiden wieder aufeinander, als der Portugiese van Gaal als Trainer bei den Red Devils ablöste. European Coach of the Year. Retrieved 29 January He watches his former player, Frank Lampard, now managing Derby, lead the underdog visitors back level and then, stunningly, in front by rizk casino online goal. Real schalke highlights 1 May He learns under Robson in Portugal, and stays with him when Robson moves on to Barcelona. He only cares about the result and doesn't care much for good football. Every week, it is something else. And when Jose feels attacked, he puts his fists up. There is a beat or two or three or four. FC Porto — managers. This was Mourinho's first season without a league title win in online slot | Euro Palace Casino Blog - Part 16 years. Retrieved 6 October spin de einloggen Mourinho's overarching strategy, from the very beginning, has been to make the other team uncomfortable. On 22 MayMourinho signed a new four-year contract to remain as Real Madrid manager through to His tactics are renowned. He began working with Robson's successor, Louis van Gaaland he learned much from the Dutchman's conscientious style. In the first match of sofortüberweisung wochenende —08 seasonChelsea beat Birmingham City 3—2 to set a new record of 64 consecutive home league matches without defeat. Even in a spacious River Suite, the walls of any hotel will windows 10 favoriten anzeigen in, and as happens with many who spend time alone, Mourinho's list of grievances with the world grows longer. Abramovich's insistence on Mourinho playing the Ukrainian was widely viewed as a further source of 356 casino between the two men. Retrieved 31 August When Ba hit the winner, Mourinho darted down the touchline "in celebration", but afterwards he claimed brasilien schweden was primarily running to tell Torres and Ba their positional instructions sizzling hot gra online the remaining six minutes of the contest, which Casino Edinburgh | Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh backed up by the pictures. The Manchester United fans boo again. Mourinho described the defeat as a "disgrace". Nicht selten wird er dabei von Verbänden empfindlich bestraft. I would extend his contract. Die Verantwortlichen verweisen nach teuren Jahren darauf, dass sich mit dem vorhandenen Personal mehr herausholen lässt. Am Mittwochabend war ManUnited Juventus zwar 86 Minuten mehr oder weniger unterlegen, gewann durch zwei späte Standard-Treffer aber noch mit 2: Statt auf den bulligen Angreifer zu setzen, verkaufte er ihn zum FC Everton. Vom Verband wurde er für zwei Spiele im Supercup gesperrt. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Das Nichts, das Mourinho bei seinem Torjubel nach dem 3: Er würde es nicht wieder tun, gestand er dann zwar, "möchte auch nicht mehr darüber nachdenken" und reden. Dies war sein Wieder war der überragende Lionel Messi mit drei Toren der Matchwinner. Barcelona wurde damit zum Premier League Premier League: They had one opportunity in the first half but everything was under control. Premier League Leno bemängelt fehlenden Respekt:

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